CBD FX Hemp Gummy Bears 60ct

CBD FX Hemp Gummy Bears 60ct

Cast Iron Guarantee

Independant Lab Report to Guarantee CBD content:

This is the results of the chemical analysis done by an external and independant laboratory. It provides proof of what is contained within the product. In particular it confirms CBD content as well as the absence of THC. This is your cast iron guarantee of what you are buying.

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CBD FX Hemp Gummy Bears 60ct

Contains a total of 300mg of CBD in each bottle


Delivery time: 2-3 days
Flat postage rate for all orders: £2.99

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  • 3rd party lab tested to guarantee CBD content
  • Delicious Fruit Flavour
  • Great for taking whilst 'on the go'
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • 5mg of CBD per gummy
  • 300mg CBD in total
  • 60 delicious gummies in total
  • 100% Organic, Vegan and non-GMO
  • No artificial sweeteners, no corn syrup
  • THC free (less than 0.2%)

CBD gummies are a tasty and discreet way of getting your daily dose of CBD. Many people take CBD gummies as a more convenient way of consuming CBD. It's not a fiddly as taking drops of the raw CBD oil on the tongue. They are also a lot more convenient to carry around and consume during the day. They are also good if you just don't like the taste of CBD oil on it's own.

CBD Fx gummies are the most natural CBD gummy bear on the market.. 100% vegan, non GMO, no corn syrup and no artificial sweeteners - finally a CBD gummy bear that you can feel good about eating. Made with organically grown full spectrum CBD oil, these gummies are truly one of a kind. Each gummy is packed with 5mg of pure CBD oil, so you only need a few to get your daily dose of CBD. Only downside – these berry flavoured, all natural gummies are so delicious that a few are rarely enough.

CBD Fx gummies are a well established brand of CBD gummies with independently verified CBD content. So you can be confident that you know what you are buying.

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